Orbidale Music Testimonials





"We interviewed several really cheesy DJs before we met Jonathan. It was so refreshing to meet someone so low-key, down-to-earth and normal. We immediately felt at ease and comfortable with him and knew he'd play the perfect music for our crowd. We weren't let down. Jonathan found just the right music for everything from the ceremony to dinner to dancing. We had a pretty eclectic group, too, so that was no small feat. Several guests mentioned how much they enjoyed our DJ and specifically mentioned how nice it was to see a DJ who remembered that the day wasn't about him. If you're looking for a DJ and just want a nice, normal guy who will play what you want to hear, definitely drop Jonathan a line."
-Kira Lee

"Jonathan did a great job. My sister hired him based on my word alone without ever hearing him actually DJ and she was not disappointed. She didn't have a wedding coordinator, so Jonathan stepped in and coordinated the timing of all the announcements and events at the reception. He really kept things going and everyone had a great time as a result."
-Rafaela Frausto